About the Forum

November 8, 2018 at UC San Diego
Presented by the Jacobs School of Engineering

The 2018 Forum will convene thought leaders from industry and academia to explore themes related to healthcare robotics in both clinical and domestic domains.

More than 200 attendees representing robotics and healthcare experts in industry and academia will participate. The program includes talks by leading thinkers, a poster session, a demo showcase of UC San Diego robotics projects and multiple networking opportunities.

The scope of the 2018 Forum of the UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute is inspired in part by a review article by forum co-organizer Laurel Riek, a professor of computer science and engineering at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Her “Healthcare Robotics” review article appeared in the Nov. 2017 issue of Communications of the ACM. The abstract is quoted below:

"The use of robots in healthcare represents an exciting opportunity to help a large number of people. Robots can be used to enable people with cognitive, sensory, and motor impairments, help people who are ill or injured, support caregivers, and aid the clinical workforce. Forum speakers will highlight recent advancements on these fronts, and discuss the impact these advances will have on stakeholders. Forum speakers will also discuss key technological, logistical, and design challenges faced in healthcare robot adoption, and suggest possible avenues for overcoming them."

Organizing Committee

Henrik Christensen

Contextual Robotics Institute
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
UC San Diego

Laurel Riek

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Healthcare Robotics Lab
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

Michael Yip

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Advanced Robotics and Controls Lab
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering




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