Welcome to RoboGrads!  We are a graduate student organization affiliated with the Contextual Robotics Institute (CRI) at UC San Diego. As an organization, we connect graduate students through academic, professional, and social events to foster a stronger and more inclusive robotics community at UCSD. In doing so, we develop relationships amongst graduate students that promote interdisciplinary research collaborations, provide opportunities for learning and sharing robotic knowledge, and address the needs of the robotics community.


Are you an MS / PhD Student or a Post-Doc working on robotics or robotics-related research at UC San Diego?
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RoboGrads is run by a student-elected executive board.  To find out more about the roles of the executive board, the current board members, and contact information, see the Executive Board page.


Some of our activites and events include:

  • Faculty/Student Mixers
  • Qualifying exams FAQ
  • Student Research Presentations
  • Weekly Journal Clubs
  • Hackathons and Technical Workshops
  • Holiday parties
  • Women in Robotics Events
  • Outdoor Social Events
  • Robotics Cultural Enrichment
  • Faculty-Student Speed Advising Session


RoboGrads maintains a calendar of events relevant to robotics graduate students at UC San Diego. This includes talks, thesis proposals and defenses, academic events, and RoboGrads events.

(If you have an event that you'd like to add to the calendar, email dpazruiz [at] eng [dot] ucsd [dot] edu with the event name, time, and location, and include [RoboGrads Calendar] in the subject line.)

Online Resources

Learn more about robotics at UC San Diego at the Contextual Robotics website.

Interested in applying to the graduate program at UC San Diego?  Start the application process here.

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