Current Board Members (2021-2022)

  • Sachiko Matsumoto (President)
  • Pengcheng Cao (Vice-President)
  • Jacob Johnson (Treasurer)
  • David Paz (Social Activities Chair)
  • Nikhil Shinde (Outreach Chair)
  • Ehsan Ziaeikajbaf (Academic Events Chair)

Board Positions

  • President: The president is the executive officer of the executive board, has general supervision of the affairs of RoboGrads, and presides at meetings. Also, they liaison with academic persons to engage RoboGrads with various departments on UCSD campus. The president works to ensure the success of the organization's efforts and increase awareness of the group. Lastly, the president works with the board to evaluate and report the status of RoboGrads past year to the new RoboGrads chair at the transition meeting.
  • Vice-President: The vice president (VP) is responsible for overseeing the RoboGrads Chair and working side-by-side with them to accomplish goals for the academic school year. The VP is also responsible for organizing seminars (e.g., scheduling speakers, booking rooms, arranging parking), as well as ensuring relevant seminars, defenses, and events are disseminated to the robotic community.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains records of all revenue and expenditures and ensures that generally accepted accounting practices and monetary controls are in place. The Treasurer interacts with accountants and administrators at UC San Diego to ensure that all purchases and reimbursements are handled in a timely fashion. The Treasurer may recruit and manage a committee as necessary for the completion of their duties. Also, the Treasurer orders food for the seminars, social events, etc.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing RoboGrad’s meeting minutes to the board, maintaining the official list of RoboGrads members and communication between the RoboGrads Chair and members. This includes maintaining communications with the RoboGrads community through the webpage and social media. Lastly, the Secretary helps keep and maintain an archive of theses, dissertations, and other relevant materials useful for the robotic community.
  • Outreach Chair: The Public Outreach Chair is responsible for educating and working with other organizations on campus, as well as the local community in the greater San Diego metropolitan area about robotics at UC San Diego. Also, they are responsible for connecting with companies for fundraising, scheduling tours, and recruiting speakers for outreach events. The Outreach Chair is also responsible for recruiting and managing his or her committee.
  • Social Events Chair: The Social Event Chair is responsible for organizing regular social events to create and maintain a community of graduate students at UC San Diego. They also work closely with the Academic events chair to support upcoming events.
  • Academic Events Chair: The Academic Event Chair is responsible for organizing academic events that share robotic knowledge and/or help to edify the community of graduate students at UC San Diego. They also work closely with the Social events chair to support upcoming events.