"ICRA 2021 Overview"

Thursday 29 April @ 12pm PST

Zoom Link: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/91267376688

Speaker: Henrik Christensen

Seminar Abstract

Looking Farther in Parametric Scene Parsing with Ground and Aerial Imagery

Raghava Modhugu, Harish Rithish Sethuram, Manmohan Chandraker, C.V. Jawahar



Auto-calibration Method Using Stop Signs for Urban Autonomous Driving Applications

Yunhai Han, Yuhan Liu, David Paz, Henrik Christensen


Social Navigation for Mobile Robots in the Emergency Department

Angelique Taylor, Sachiko Mastumoto, Wesley Xiao, and Laurel D. Riek


Temporal Anticipation and Adaptation Methods for Fluent Human-Robot Teaming

Tariq Iqbal and Laurel D. Riek

Mesh Reconstruction from Aerial Images for Outdoor Terrain Mapping Using Joint 2D-3D Learning
Q. Feng, N. Atanasov

Coding for Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
B. Wang, J. Xie, N. Atanasov

Non-Monotone Energy-Aware Information Gathering for Heterogeneous Robot Teams
X. Cai, B. Schlotfeldt, K. Khosoussi, N. Atanasov, G. J. Pappas, J. How

Active Bayesian Multi-class Mapping from Range and Semantic Segmentation Observations
A. Asgharivaskasi, N. Atanasov

Learning Barrier Functions with Memory for Robust Safe Navigation
K. Long, C. Qian, J. Cortes, N. Atanasov

Generalization in reinforcement learning by soft data augmentation
Nicklas Hansen, Xiaolong Wang

Bimanual Regrasping for Suture Needles using Reinforcement Learning for Rapid Motion Planning
Z.Y. Chiu, F. Richter, E.K. Funk, R.K. Orosco, M.C. Yip

Real-to-Sim Registration of Deformable Soft-Tissue with Position-Based Dynamics for Surgical Robot Autonomy
F. Liu, Z. Li, Y. Han, J. Lu, F. Richter, M.C. Yip

Model-Predictive Control of Blood Suction for Surgical Hemostasis using Differentiable Fluid Simulations
J. Huang*, F. Liu*, F. Richter, M.C. Yip

SuPer Deep: A Surgical Perception Framework for Robotic Tissue Manipulation using Deep Learning for Feature Extraction
J. Lu, A. Jayakumari, F. Richter, Y. Li, M.C. Yip

Data-driven Actuator Selection for Artificial Muscle-Powered Robots
T. Henderson, Y. Zhi, A. Liu, M.C. Yip

Optimal Multi-Manipulator Arm Placement for Maximal Dexterity during Robotics Surgery
J. Di, M. Xu, N. Das, M.C. Yip

MPC-MPNet: Model-Predictive Motion Planning Networks for Fast, Near-Optimal Planning under Kinodynamic Constraints
L. Li, Y.L. Miao, A.H. Qureshi, M.C. Yip

Autonomous Robotic Suction to Clear the Surgical Field for Hemostasis using Image-based Blood Flow Detection
F. Richter, S. Shen, F. Liu, J. Huang, E.K. Funk, R.K. Orosco, M.C. Yip

Scalable Learning of Safety Guarantees for Autonomous Systems using Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability
Sylvia Herbert, Jason J. Choi, Suvansh Qazi, Marsalis Gibson, Koushil Sreenath, Claire J. Tomlin

Planning under non-rational perception of uncertain spatial costs
Aamodh Suresh and Sonia Martinez