"A Symbiotic Philosophy for Bio-inspired Robotics"

Monday, Apr. 15th @ 2pm PDT

Format: Zoom  

Speaker:  Dr. Talia Y. Moore

Seminar Abstract

Humans have frequently looked to natural phenomena to inspire the design of art, structures, and mechanisms. However, there are as many different ways to learn from nature as there are words for this approach: bioinspiration, biomimicry, and biodesign to name a few. In this talk, I propose a taxonomy for categorizing distinct biodesign approaches and use examples from my own research to illustrate the methodology and benefits of each. In particular, I delve into our research in understanding the tail as an inertial appendage.


Dr. Talia Y. Moore is an assistant professor in Robotics and in Mechanical Engineering  at the University of Michigan. She received a BS in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University. She is a recipient of the Gans award for distinguished contributions to the field of comparative biomechanics. Her work involves bio-inspired mechanical design, musculoskeletal modeling, materials testing, dynamics, and information theory to examine arrhythmic biological motion in both laboratory and field-based settings.