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Our research teams solve pressing robotics challenges in three overarching areas:
autonomous systems, cyber-physical technologies, and medical robotics.

Many of  the robotics systems we develop are able to adapt and evolve based
on the people and situation - the context - they encounter.

Faculty, students, and professional research staff in each of the
Contextual Robotics Institute's three core research areas will be housed in
collaborative research laboratories - collaborations - in Franklin Antonio Hall,
the newest engineering building at UC San Diego.

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Robotic News

2022 Research Highlights

2022 Research Highlights

December 20, 2022

From tools to track the origin and spread of COVID-19, to making homes safer in earthquakes, to using smartphones as diagnostic tools, researchers at the Jacobs School of Engineering pioneered important work in 2022. A few highlights of our outstanding research this year are here. Full Story

A new era for robotics at UC San Diego

A new era for robotics at UC San Diego

November 21, 2022

The Contextual Robotics Institute at UC San Diego hosted its 7th annual forum on Nov. 16, highlighting not only the robotics work underway across campus, but also efforts to capitalize on the broader San Diego region’s strengths and expertise.   Full Story

IROS 2022: Bioinspired Robots, Better Algorithms for Self-driving Cars, and More

IROS 2022: Bioinspired Robots, Better Algorithms for Self-driving Cars, and More

October 10, 2022

From robots inspired by animals and even amoeba, to better algorithms for self-driving cars and robotic surgery, researchers at the University of California San Diego will be presenting a wide range of papers at IROS 2022, which returns in a hybrid format Oct. 23 to 27, 2022.    Full Story

News Archive


Jan 12, 2023

"Learning Contact and Pressure for Grasping"

Thursday, Jan. 12th @ 11am PST

CSE 4258 and Zoom -

Speaker: James Hayes, Georgia Tech 

Dec 05, 2022

"Robot Imagination: Affordance-Based Reasoning about Unknown Objects"

Monday, Dec. 5th @ 11am PST

ATK 4004 / Zoom -

Speaker:   Gregory S. Chirikjian
                  Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
                  National University of Singapore

Dec 01, 2022

"Understanding the Utility of Haptic Feedback in Telerobotic Devices"

Thursday, Dec.1st @ 11am PST

CSE 2154 / Zoom -

Speaker:  Jeremy D. Brown