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2023 Press Releases

Video Friday: Morphing Adaptive Robots

IEEE Spectrum | October 6, 2023

Robots built by engineers at the University of California, San Diego helped achieve a major breakthrough in understanding how insect flight evolved, described in the 4 October 2023 issue of the journal Nature. Full Story

?Just Don?t Do Their Job Quite Right?: 40 Useless Robots

Bored Panda | October 5, 2023

In order to familiarize ourselves better with the field of robotics, Bored Panda got in touch with a national policy leader for the field of robotics, director of the Contextual Robotics Institute, and Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at University of California San Diego, Henrik Christensen, who was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. Full Story

Tiny Robotic Insects Shine a Light on an Evolutionary Mystery, Through "Robophysics" Experimentation | October 5, 2023

Researchers from the University of California San Diego and the Georgia Institute of Technology believe they have shone new light onto how insects evolved two distinct flight strategies ? by building tiny winged robots for "robophysics" experiments. Full Story

Wing-flapping robot helps explain the evolution of insect flight

New Scientist | October 4, 2023

Researchers built tiny robots that can switch between two different kinds of flight, one involving unusually fast wing-flapping, to better understand insect evolution. The work is a collaboration between roboticists at UC San Diego and biologists at Georgia Tech. Full Story

Robotic Hand Uses Sense of Touch to Rotate Objects

Design News | August 16, 2023

One of the key goals for robotics developers is to create machines with similar sensory perception as humans, particularly for the sense of touch. This can help make them safer when working alongside humans as well as help them better sort objects in a factory setting without damaging them, among other benefits. A team of engineers at University of California San Diego has advanced this goal with the development of a robotic hand that can rotate objects solely through touch, without the need for robotic vision. Full Story