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2024 Press Releases

Dancing droids: Scientists teach humanoid robot sweet moves, high-fives, hugs

Interesting Engineering | July 12, 2024

Aiming to reshape public perception of robots, a group of engineers have trained a humanoid to learn and execute a variety of expressive actions. The University of California researchers taught the robot how to perform basic dancing moves and hand motions, including waving, high-fiving, and hugging, while keeping a steady stride over various surfaces. Full Story

How Algae Microrobots Could Tackle Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Technology Networks | June 28, 2024

University of California San Diego (UCSD) researchers have developed algae-based "microrobots" that reduce inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms in mouse models. The drug-free approach, which is targeted for delivery into the colon, has the potential to be translated to human clinical studies. Full Story

'Microrobot' Pills Eased IBD in Mice, Paving Way for Human Testing

U.S. News & World Report | June 28, 2024

A new "microrobot" pill may help tame inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a new study in mice suggests. The pill significantly reduced IBD symptoms in mice and promoted the healing of damaged colon tissue without toxic side effects, researchers reported June 26 in the journal Science Robotics. Full Story

Algae cells recruited to serve as bowel-disease-treating robots

New Atlas | June 27, 2024

If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a pill full of tiny algae robots may be just what you need. The bio-hybrid microrobots have already been shown to reduce symptoms and promote healing in IBD-afflicted lab mice. Created by scientists at the University of California - San Diego, the microscopic bots each take the form of an individual live green algae cell covered in nanoparticles made of a biodegradable polymer. Each of those nanoparticles is in turn coated with macrophage cell membranes. Full Story

Biodegradable Microrobots Deliver Therapies to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Mice

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | June 27, 2024

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), have developed a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that uses microscopic robots or microrobots coupled with green algae. The experimental treatment, which has been tested successfully in mice, significantly reduced IBD symptoms and promoted the healing of damaged colon tissue with no toxic side effects. Full Story